All our ponchos are handmade. From the fabric print to the label.
We work with local family businesses in Indonesia to support them and keep the brand sustainable. Therefore each and every single poncho (and of course also every other product) is handmade and unique.

A side effect of producing in very small batches and by hand is that we only offer a small range of possible colors and styles. You can find products, and styles here and all available colors here.
Be aware: A few times a year we have a limited batch of a special color or pattern. Keep looking out for those, too!

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We have ponchos for every age - from babies to adults.

Our ponchos and the rest of the products are made from 90% rayon and 10% cotton.
That way they are light and quick-dry. The perfect everyday life and travel companion.

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We also have a small variety of useful accessories.

Waterproof bags for wet bikinis or your shell collection, extra large beach towels for an extra Long Beach day.
There's no limitation of possibilities to use our beach and everyday life accessories.

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